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The client testimonials published below are from real clients represented by our attorneys. However, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and to assure their privacy.

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Understanding, very hardworking, and extremely helpful

Jason is understanding, very hardworking, and extremely helpful. When you feel upset and have questions or concerns, he makes you feel like you’re his top priority and is never hard to reach. I am very fortunate to find a lawyer like him I am very thankful he took on my case with a positive outcome..… Read more “Understanding, very hardworking, and extremely helpful”

Sarah Johnson
January 23, 2019

Sensitive, Responsive. Professional.

Jason provided an overwhelming sense of security and confidence. I have experienced sexual harassment in my past and, unfortunately, almost allowed a workplace experience to pass without further action. After sharing my story with Jason, he reassured me that he would help me contest this experience as an adult. Throughout the entirety of my case,… Read more “Sensitive, Responsive. Professional.”

Isabelle Fiore
November 14, 2017

I had a very positive experience working with John Dalton and Jason Oliver

I had a very positive experience working with John Dalton and Jason Oliver. I primarily worked with John throughout the duration of my case. However, there were a few occasions that I also directly worked with Jason. I received phone calls from both John and Jason within 24 hours of contacting them via email. I… Read more “I had a very positive experience working with John Dalton and Jason Oliver”

Poppy Fournier
November 15, 2015

I really lucked out with Jason and John

I really lucked out with Jason and John. They are an excellent team. My case had a couple of rough patches that they had to work through, and they plowed through it like champions. It was emotionally challenging to go through what I went through. I was so afraid to come forward, I can honestly… Read more “I really lucked out with Jason and John”

Julie Hasting
November 6, 2015

It Was A Blessing To Work With Him…

As a client of Jason Oliver’s I can honestly say it was a blessing to work with him and moving forward with my case was the right thing to do. Not just for me but for the other women who might second guess themselves for all the same reasons I did. To say the least… Read more “It Was A Blessing To Work With Him…”

Elaine Warren
October 15, 2015

Best Decision I Could Have Made…

John Dalton and his firm was the best decision I could of made to handle this delicate situation. From the first contact to them till the settling of the case. They made me feel at ease and understanding of such a difficult time in my life. They were always extremely responsive in a timely manner… Read more “Best Decision I Could Have Made…”

Lindsay Thomas
October 15, 2015

Mr. John Dalton was invaluable…

Mr. John Dalton was invaluable in helping me through the most difficult time of my life. Before finding him, I felt like no one wanted to help or cared about what happened to me. He was very quick to respond to all of my questions, phone calls, and emails. He made me feel like I… Read more “Mr. John Dalton was invaluable…”

Gina Griffiths
October 9, 2015