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Overtime Pay Violations in California

Whether any given employee is entitled to overtime pay is a question that is usually complex and very fact dependent. Federal, state, and sometimes even local law may affect the analysis dramatically.

Many employment practices may violate these laws, including:

  • misclassifying “non-exempt” employees as “exempt”;
  • misclassifying employees as “independent contractors”; and
  • forcing employees to work “off the clock.”

Disclaimer: The legal profession is filled with different viewpoints regarding the law. Therefore reliance on the views expressed in this website without consulting an attorney to analyze them relative to a specific set of facts is not advised. Violation of federal overtime provisions is beyond the scope of this discussion. Please consult an attorney for more information.

If you believe your employer has improperly withheld overtime pay in one or more of the following ways, please contact the attorneys at www.nosexualharassment.com for a Free Legal Consultation (Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use as use of any feature of this site is expressly subject thereto).

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