I had a very positive experience working with John Dalton and Jason Oliver

I had a very positive experience working with John Dalton and Jason Oliver. I primarily worked with John throughout the duration of my case. However, there were a few occasions that I also directly worked with Jason. I received phone calls from both John and Jason within 24 hours of contacting them via email. I appreciated that they reached out to speak with me directly. As a contrast, in first contacting a couple of other law firms, I had to disclose personal details of my situation to a receptionist. Both John and Jason were respectful, sensitive and professional. John kept me updated with each step of the case, thoroughly explaining what had happened since we last talked, what he was currently doing, and what the next step would be. I never felt rushed in a conversation, he always took the time to explain and answer questions. John was also accommodating in arranging times to speak taking into account my inflexible work schedule. This was my only experience dealing with a legal issue of this nature. However, it is clear to me that both John and Jason are highly skilled at what they do. Because John took the time to ask details and gather information from me, answer my questions and explain what he was doing with each step, I quickly developed confidence in how he was handling my case. Additionally, several other professionals we interacted with, including a judge and private mediator outside of court, commended both John and Jason, in front of me, for their hard work and thoroughness. Considering this case was personally unsettling and emotional, my confidence in their knowledge, skills and evident hard work helped me maintain calm and resolved in my own ability to continue to move forward. Prior to contacting John and Jason, I had been trying to stand up for myself. However, it wasn’t until I started working with them that I really had the backup I needed to support me. It’s not easy finding the words to express how appreciative I am for them giving me that support and giving me he opportunity to be acknowledged and heard. And not only was I heard, but two other women who were similarly harassed and assaulted were discovered and able to share their stories and be heard as well. John and Jason worked hard and did an excellent job in resolving my case. I am very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend them as attorneys for workplace sexual harassment.